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Vycor ViewSite Brain Access System - OPMI VARIO 700 System Pentero 900
ViewSite™ Brain Access System (VBAS)
The accessing of targeted brain tissue without unduly damaging surrounding tissue requires specialized instrumentation that is less invasive in performing critical procedures while minimizing collateral trauma - resulting in accelerated postoperative recovery.
OPMI Vario - Legendary Optics from Carl Zeiss. Extraordinary image quality, improved resolution and incredible color fidelity delivered by the brilliant, totally apochromatic optics Internal focus mechanism known as the Varioscope PENTERO 900 represents the next generation visualization system. Building on the groundbreaking innovations introduced in 2004, it combines unique design concepts and new functionalities in a proven, fully-integrated platform. Key functions have been enhanced and new visualization methods integrated, raising PENTERO 900 to a new level of performance.